February 8


Who is making below a livable wage?


People making below a livable wage are folks like you and me – like you heard Donna this AM, she has a BA – works hard – has kids is college


Making up the difference with credit cards, social assistance programs – going without – cutting back – turning down the heat – parents not eating

            PROBLEM is the cliff in benefits however.


What do we do

            Address the cost drivers

            Makes life better for everyone – affordable housing, health care, transportation, childcare

            Creating a social infrastructure – by investing in these we can creat jobs and make a social investment

            Workforce development that isn’t just focused on liberal arts degress but also trades – jobs can’t be outsorced.



this data is from the VT Dept. of Labor's Occupational & Wage Survey data;


NOTE: In 2004, the # was 26% of VTer’s making less then a livable wage for a single person ($11.49 or $22,982/yr average), obviously this is a higher wage and the % is the same – safe to assume that if the calculation was done by this number it would be higher.






March 2nd, 2008