Past Campaigns

The Vermont Livable Wage Campaign works to promote economic justice and livable wages throughout the state of Vermont.  We push legislation at the state and local level as well as building grass roots and community movements.  We have worked on many different issues and continue to expand and find more ways to gain livable wages for Vermonters.

Past campaigns have included the “Higher Standards for Big Box Campaign” to create a more coordinated effort to raise the standards of Big Box retail employers who wish to do business in Vermont. The campaign was a coalition with the Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC) and Vermont Workers’ Center (VWC) with the goal  to use Wal-Mart’s plans for expansion in Vermont as a focal point to raise the low-road standards of retail employers as a whole in Vermont. VLWC focuses on public education and building a statewide media campaign.

We have also had many legislative successes that have gained higher wages for Vermont workers from increasing the minimum wage to raising the wage for tipped workers.  We provide reports and information to legislators and put popular pressure on elected officials to enact policy that ensures Vermonters earn livable wages.


Walmart in Vermont

Legislative History

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