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The Vermont Livable Wage Campaign is currently working on an initiative to get guaranteed paid sick days for all working Vermonters.  All workers in Vermont should have paid sick days that allow them to miss work in order to take care of their and their children’s health without losing pay.  Currently 57% of Vermont's private-sector employers offer NO paid sick days to their workers, leaving over 106,000 Vermonters without paid sick days to care for themselves, their children, parents or partners.  The Livable Wage Campaign is working to change this deplorable condition and get legislation passed that will provide any person who works more then 30 hours per week with a guaranteed 7 paid sick days annually and pro-rated sick-days for part-time workers. 


The summer organizing efforts for guaranteed paid sick days are underway in partnership with the Vermont Workers Center “Health Care is a Human Right” campaign.   We have begun door knocking in Burlington collecting Paid Sick Day Petition signatures and Health Care Surveys with the help of energetic volunteers and summer intern organizers.  Over the next couple weeks we will be building the presence at county fairs, community events and on the streets in all corners of Vermont, including Lamoille County, the Northeast Kingdom and Windham County.


You can become involved by signing the petition online or contacting us to find out how to get more involved.  For more information and updates visit our paid sick days page or read the proposed legislation.






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