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National Organizations

ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)
Contact: Jen Kern
739 8th St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

ACORN is tracking livable wage campaigns all over the US. Their web site contains highlights and contact information for these campaigns.

Economic Policy Institute
1600 L Street NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20036

EPI is a progressive think tank based in DC. They conduct research and analysis on the minimum wage, the growing gap between rich and poor and promote forward thinking public policy alternatives.

United for a Fair Economy
37 Temple Place,
2nd Floor,
Boston, MA 02111

UFE raises awareness that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear communities apart. UFE supports and helps build social movements for greater equality.

The Brennan Center for Justice
Legal expertise on living wage campaigns

Political Economy Research Institute
Studies on the economic impact of living wage laws

Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Center for Community Change

AFSCME Living Wage Campaigns

National Lawyers Guild/Sugar Law Center

Related Vermont Organizations & Links

Peer to Peer Collaborative

The Peer to Peer Collaborative is working towards a future in which livable jobs are the foundation of our companies, our economy and our communities. Peer to Peer Collaborative has been designed to assist founder CEOs in identifying, focusing on and addressing the critical issues and strategic direction choices that inevitably arise as their company grows within the $1 million to $10 million in sales range. We recognize the changing needs and complexities business owners face as they grow the sales and employee base of their company. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs who want to grow their company to the next stage of its development and want to learn how to be an even more effective CEO so that they and their employees can enjoy an even greater quality of life.

Vermont Health Care for All

Kids Are Priority One

Visit our VLWC Members page for more information on coalition members and organizations!

Student Labor Groups

Campus Living Wage Campaign Sites

University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Student Labor Action Project (SLAP)/Students for Global Peace & Justice

Contact at slap@uvm.edu

UVM SLAP is a campaign of Students for Peace & Global Justice. SLAP is a collective of students that have been working since 2005 on workers rights issues at the University of Vermont. The largest of which has been the common struggle for a livable wage for all campus workers both directly employed and contracted. Other goals include the freedom to organize, and responsible contractor agreements. They are students committed to a just world and a just UVM.

Other campus campaigns and student efforts can be found at www.jwj.org/projects/slap.html

For more campus living wage websites and info go to campuslivingwage.org

Living Wage Manual for Campus Activists from United for A Fair Economy

Union Links

National Education Association (Vermont NEA)

Vermont State Employees' Association (VSEA)

UE Vermont

AFL-CIO Vermont

AFSCME Vermont

Vermont Workers' Center


Livable Wage Rally
Southwestern Vermont K-12 support staff at the Bennington Battle Day Parade August 2003.


National Organizations

Related Vermont Organizations & Links

Student Labor Groups & Campus Livable Wage Campaigns

Union Links

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