The Vermont Livable Wage Campaign (VLWC) has been a force behind progressive legislation in the state of Vermont, pushing for economic justice and livable wages.  Although the VLWC is non-partisan, we do engage in public policy and legislative initiatives that increase the income and expand the rights of workers in Vermont.  The VLWC works to get representatives in Montpelier to enact legislation that will help working people.

 Actions of the VLWC include educating legislators, testifying in congress, lobbying politicians and rallying popular grassroots support.  We have held hearings at the statehouse on issues of livable wages and workers rights.  At the beginning of every legislative biennium we educate new and some returning representatives about livable wages in Vermont.  We put grassroots pressure on politicians to address issues that affect working people.

Since the VLWC inception twelve years ago, seven increases in the state minimum wage have been passed with the help of the VLWC, giving Vermont the fifth highest minimum wage in the country.  These increases have lead to raises for tens of thousands of Vermonters.  The VLWC seeks to increase minimum wages for all employees, bring paid sick days to all workers and make livable wages a reality in Vermont.  The VLWC continues to fight for economic justice and legislation that will improve the lives of all Vermonters.

Check out our most recent initiatives and priorities for the legislature in the coming year.


2009 Legislative Priorities

2008 Legislative Priorities

Legislative History

Federal Minimum Wage

Vermont Paid Sick Day


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