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Dec 2008: Building to win Paid Sick Days for All Vermonters


April 2008: Workers Provide Compelling Testimony On Paid Sick Day Legislation



Building to win Paid Sick Days for All Vermonters

The Vermont Livable Wage Campaign has spent the last several months talking to Vermonters about the impact Paid Sick Days has on their lives. We have gone door to door in Burlington and Brattleboro, we have tabled at community events and concerts, we have presented at conferences and we have talked to hundreds of Vermonters in classrooms this Fall as we present on economic inequality and Livable Wages. We are building a list of supporters, across Vermont that is nearly 700 hundred long. As we continue to build, we are following up with everyone we have spoken with and asking them to share their stories, pass the paid sick day petition and get informed. We are asking folks to talk to their friends, neighbors, family and co-workers.


In addition to the work on the ground, we have been working throughout the fall with a smart and passionate group of second year Medical students at the University of Vermont Medical School on a public health assessment of the impact a lack of paid sick days has on Vermont's elementary school children.  We are working with them has they distribute over 1000 anonymous surveys to parents of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades in Franklin, Addison, Chittenden and Washington counties. They will also be asking school nurses across Vermont to share their observations of children coming to school sick or having to remain as school sick because their parents can't afford to miss work. The report will be complete in January and we hope that it will provide valuable information about the true costs a lack of paid sick days has on Vermont.


The reality remains that well over 100,000 Vermonters lack paid sick days  Those that disproportionately lack paid sick days are low-wage workers who are most greatly effected when a days wages are missed because of illness. Additionally, a lack of paid sick days also disproportionately impacts women, who still remain the primary care givers in our society. Lack of paid sick days has a very real impact of the health of all Vermonters, on the ability of hard working folks to meet their basic needs, and the success of Vermont's businesses and economy.


Over the coming months we will continue to work with other Paid Sick Day Coalition partners such as Voices for Vermont's Children and the Vermont Workers' Center to educate and engage Vermonters.  We will be releasing polling data in the coming months on Vermonters opinions on paid sick days, we will be meeting with newspaper editorial boards and legislators as we move into the January legislative session.  We are confident that despite the economic forecast, now is the time to ensure that all Vermonters have the basic right to take care of their health and that ensuring all Vermonters have universal access to paid sick days will have a positive effect on all Vermonters.


Please join us. Speak out. Tell us your story. Pass the Paid Sick Day Petition. With your help we can make this a reality for all hard working Vermonters. Give a call at 802-863-2345 x8 or email livablewage@pjcvt.org.



 Paid Sick Days Campaign



Workers Provide Compelling Testimony On Paid Sick Day Legislation
Reality Check: Over 135,000 Vermonters have NO paid sick day

For the past three months the VLWC has been working closely with a coalition of unions, advocacy organizations and businesses on H. 337. The legislation would guarantee 7 paid sick days annually to any worker who works more then 30 hours per week, and be pro-rated for part-time workers. As many of you know, working Vermonters across the state must choose between paying for rent, food or fuel and taking care of themselves, their partner or their children when they are sick.


On March 13th in front of a joint hearing with House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee and House Commerce Committee we heard brave and powerful testimony from 10 workers about their experience without paid sick days or working with children whose parents lack this benefit.


Although, it does not appear that their will be further movement on guaranteeing all Vermonters paid sick days this session, we are planning to build upon this momentum towards next year. As sick day policies are be discussing in 12 states, the recent adoption of a policy in Washington DC, and the 1 year anniversary of San Francisco's sick day policy there is a lot of to be learned from other successes.


Over the next year we plan to organize and build a sustained movement to make sure that in 2009 we can guarantee all Vermonters this right. If you want to get involved in your community, don't have paid sick days yourself, or want to help build this movement give us a call at 802-863-2345 x8 or send us an e-mail.

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