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6.11.09 Vermont Livable Wage Campaign Action Alert:

Brattleboro Reformer Endorses Paid Sick Days



1. Action: Brattleboro Reformer Endorses Paid Sick Days - Write a Letter of Support


1.  Action: Brattleboro Reformer Endorses Paid Sick Days - Write a Letter of Support


Coming off a very successful press conference in late may where the Paid Sick Day Coalition launched Campaign 2010- Paid Sick Days for Vermont we learned on Wed. June 10th that the Brattleboro Reformer in a very strong editorial endorsed H.382 and encouraged all Vermont lawmakers to enact this important new labor standard in 2010.


The editorial concluded by stating "In a time of economic instability, a paid sick time law is a low-cost reform that would promote public health and protect workers rights. It is a measure that deserves the full support of Vermont's lawmakers next year."  To read the editorial in the Reformer click here.


Now we need your help to continue to build the momentum by submitting Letters to the Editor for the Brattleboro Reformer thanking them for the Editorial if you live in Windham County.  In addition, if you live in Central Vermont please write letters to the editor to the Times Argus and Rutland Herald in support of the article about the campaign.


Take Action - Write a Letter to the Editor -  click here for talking points and sample letters.


Send us an email to get involved in your community and learn about other opportunities to help.


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