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Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) is a campaign of Students for Peace and Global Justice and is a group of students working for worker rights and economic justice.  The campaign focuses on workers issues at the University of Vermont, particularly livable wages.  SLAP is pushing for all University of Vermont (UVM) employees and contracted employees to receive a livable wage, based upon estimates by the State of Vermont's Joint Fiscal Office.  SLAP works in solidarity with all UVM employees and wants to create a just world at UVM.

SLAP has been an active and vocal force for the rights of workers at UVM and pushed for livable wages at the university. They have pushed the administration for livable wage protections as well as staging a hunger strike for increased wages.

SLAP currently meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in Lafayette 210. More information about SLAP can be found at their website.



Student Labor Action Project Website

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