Building to win Paid Sick Days for All Vermonters Continued


The reality remains that well over 100,000 Vermonters lack paid sick days  Those that disproportionately lack paid sick days are low-wage workers who are most greatly effected when a days wages are missed because of illness. Additionally, a lack of paid sick days also disproportionately impacts women, who still remain the primary care givers in our society. Lack of paid sick days has a very real impact of the health of all Vermonters, on the ability of hard working folks to meet their basic needs, and the success of Vermont's businesses and economy.

                Over the coming months we will continue to work with other Paid Sick Day Coalition partners such as Voices for Vermont's Children and the Vermont Workers' Center to educate and engage Vermonters.  We will be releasing polling data in the coming months on Vermonters opinions on paid sick days, we will be meeting with newspaper editorial boards and legislators as we move into the January legislative session.  We are confident that despite the economic forecast, now is the time to ensure that all Vermonters have the basic right to take care of their health and that ensuring all Vermonters have universal access to paid sick days will have a positive effect on all Vermonters.

            Please join us. Speak out. Tell us your story. Pass the Paid Sick Day Petition. With your help we can make this a reality for all hard working Vermonters. Give a call at 802-863-2345 x8 or email livablewage@pjcvt.org.

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